Breakfast Menu

selection of cereals

fresh fruit inc seasonal fruit from our garden, fruit juice, yogurts


bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms,

black pudding

eggs – fried, poached, scrambled or boiled

OR  scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

homemade bread / toast (using flour milled here at the watermill), homemade jam & marmalade and local honey


We often also have specials eg warm croissant with creamy mushrooms, pancakes with raspberries and creme fraiche, baked field mushrooms with Wensleydale cheese, platter of local ham and cheese


Yorkshire tea, Earl Grey tea, Taylors of York coffee,

de-caffeinated tea and coffee & fruit, peppermint, green tea

We also usually have vegetarian sausages, low fat spread, soya milk, baked beans etc.  Please do ask and we will do our best.

We take great pride in serving:

Bacon, sausage & black pudding from award winning Cockburn Butchers, Bedale

Fruit, mushrooms,  tomatoes & Longley Farm yogurts  (2 of our friends have Jersey herds and supply their milk to the dairy that produces these yogurts) from ‘Rhubarb & Roses’, Bedale.

Eggs from High Mill Farm, Little Crakehall & organic milk from Acorn Dairies near Richmond – we are very fortunate to have eggs and milk delivered to our door!

FOOD ALLERGIES & INTOLERANCES  Please speak to Lionel in advance about the ingredients in the breakfast choice if you have a food allergy or intolerance.